Civilization here we come

Isabella Montalban sings a tale that helps the group get out of the Dwarven hole. Motar “leads” the group to the human city but gets his hand stuck in the cookie jar and burned for it. Isabella Montalban creates a new way to wave (all Dwarves live in fear of her) Everyone gets some great swag in the new city. The Tavern/Inn has some great mead, dirty bar wenches, and everyone’s libido is in check.

I have a little story for you kids...

The group meets some bandits on the road, dispatches two of them, the other bisects Roland’s horse and thenIsabella Montalban stitches it together. Motar becomes a handy tour guide. Dwarven mine discovered and the group wows the under 5 crowd.

The World Gets a Bit Bigger

Isabella Montalban did some crowd surfing. The group discovered a local goblin encampment. Some drinks were had at the local watering hole. Seems like Asla is a fan of socialism. Went to the temple, all but Ernesto Allein Montalban drank the Asla Kool-Aide. Met Famir, Thorak, and Salazar. Kobolds attacked. The group gained some equipment. Horseback ride leads to Thorak disclosing the world is wide open to them.


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